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Sell or Transfer

Top Sale or Transfer

We understand that your business is a result of many years of sacrifice and working through the good times and the tough times.  We know you have to find the right solution for you and your family.

The right solution is a transaction that includes the right combination of:

  • Buyer Characteristics ("Buyer Fit")

    • Care for the impact on your employees, customers and suppliers

    • Appreciation for the business name and reputation

  • Deal Terms and Conditions​

    • Employment, Consulting, and Non-Compete Agreements

    • Understanding of post transaction responsibilities and liabilities for seller

  • Price

    • Price

    • Down payment and Seller Note

    • Terms of Seller Note (rate and time)

    • Earnout if Company succeeds after transaction

  • Taxation

    • Stock versus Asset Sale consideration

    • Purchase Price Allocation

Being involved in transactions over the years we have experience with different transfer mechanisms and structuring transactions that minimize tax obligations. Don’t let the IRS and State governments take more from you than what is legally owed.

Keys To The New Place

When it comes to a successful sale or transfer, process execution is crucial.

Our Process

We work hard to earn your trust by listening to where you have been, where you are now, and where you would like to be.  We execute with our clients on a proven process to get deals done.

  • Understand What's Important

  • Document Company's True Earnings

  • Agree on List Price for Business

  • Produce a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM)

  • Initiate marketing to find the Right Buyer

  • Ensure your representation team is set

  • Procure Due Diligence materials

  • Review any and all Letters of Intent (LOI)

  • Manage Due Diligence and Sale Process

  • Review Transaction Documents

  • Coordinate with CPA, Attorneys, and Others

Contact us to talk about your next steps for Selling or Transferring your Company:


What is your plan for harvesting the wealth in your business?

  • Do you want to consider options to 'take some chips off the table' and yet still be involved for growth and a future larger reward?

  • Have you identified a specific opportunity to target exponential growth with the right partner?

  • Is their a buyer who could share synergies with your business operations to drive greater profitability?

  • Do you see market opportunities that could be leveraged by a strategic buyer?

  • Would your business be of interest to Private Equity Groups?

Sale or Transfer

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