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Every business owner faces a unique and ever-changing set of circumstances that impact the decisions they need to make each day. Because we've been there, we relate to the stresses of the multiple hats you need to wear.

We've developed a range of services to improve the value of your business.

Business Meeting

Outsourced CFO Services

Many companies need the experience and expertise of a professional CFO but not on a full-time basis.  We deliver.

  • Prepare annual budgets and provide monthly scoreboard review

  • Establish meaningful KPI to incent behaviors that align to company goals and objectives

  • Provide ownership and management team with true earnings and realistic company valuation metrics

  • Identify current value of company and opportunities for growth in business value for family transfer or outside sale

  • Review and interpret controller-prepared monthly financial statements with owners to ensure performance is trending in the right direction, and/or adjust plans as needed

  • Provide banking relationship support and aid in obtaining financing from banks or other lending institutions

  • Provide support for discussions with attorneys, industry consultants, and insurance companies

  • Provide analyses for mergers, acquisitions, and growth initiatives

  • Work with company CPA on proactive tax planning strategies, tax credit programs, and other tax-related opportunities

Tax Planning Services

Once companies have reached a level of stability and consistent profitability, they need to put effort into designing and executing a plan to minimize federal and state taxes to be paid.  We provide experienced experts to make sure you minimize your tax burdens.

  • Review of entity ownership structure for optimum tax benefit

  • Ensure applicable federal and state tax credit programs are maximized

  • Identify industry-specific tax incentive programs

  • Review of owner and family retirement plan maximization

  • Estate and family long-term tax planning for reduction of effective tax rates

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Business Valuation Services

Many scenarios come up that require an objective and unbiased analysis of the value of an enterprise.  We deliver.

Our credentialed and experienced team delivers professional business valuations for:

  • Banking and Lending transactions

  • Business Sale or Transition transactions

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Divorce Settlements

  • Buy/Sell Agreements

  • Shareholder Disputes

  • Business Owner Estate Settlements

  • Family Office Investment Analysis

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